on Mood

Remakes are always interesting because they offer a clear glimpse at how different directors interpret and present source material. Of particular note are Let the Right One In and Let Me In, which were released just two years apart. Let the Right One In is a Swedish film based on a Swedish novel of the… read more

on Conventions

I saw The King’s Speech with some friends this past Thursday night and I really enjoyed the film. Aside from the compelling, true story and the fantastic acting, the thing that struck me was the film’s complete lack of over-the-shoulder (OTS) shots. At first, I found it a touch confusing because we’ve become so conditioned… read more

on Shot Duration

I recently re-watched a few scenes from The Village. It is by far Shyamalan’s best film, in my opinion, and no small part is how well Roger Deakins’ cinematography perfectly captures the mood of the film. The shots are slow and purposeful, almost minimalist in the coverage. This works so well because of the film’s… read more