The Box

This was the first exercise in a cinematography course: telling a story in five shots while properly exposing Super 8mm film. At this point in the course, we were studying the zone system of exposure and how it is used in calculating exposure and contrast levels. This was also the first time I shot anything on film.

It was a welcome challenge because it forced me to really focus on how I used light and how it was balanced within the frame. By relying on light meter readings instead of a monitor for the first time, I gave more thought to exposure levels and calculating how they affect the image. Using exact metering pushes you to be more conservative in your lighting, but also allows you to be more confident in the final image.

Technical Specifications

1.33:1 (capture), 1.77:1 (projected)

Super 8mm

Kodak 7285 Ektachrome 100D