This short was created for a film festival challenge. The festival gave each team a theme and a passage from which to base their stories. We were allowed ten days of writing and pre-production followed by exactly one week to shoot, edit, and deliver. My friends and I decided to enter because we liked the challenge of testing our creativity under a very strict timeline. I originally wanted to get more people involved, but due to schedules and such, we had a very select team.

While this made each member of our five person crew invaluable, it also meant Tyler and I ended up doing most of everything. Although I’m still proud of what we were able to accomplish, it really emphasizes why filmmaking is such a group effort. The responsibility of the entire production process, from writing the script to finding locations to editing ADR, is strengthened when a team shares ideas, resources, and skills. There is an excitement in seeing others contribute their specialties to a project that feeds into your own work. I love it.

Stay was a challenge because we took a tiny crew and cast, an ambitious story, and limited time and mixed them together to see if a film would emerge by the end of the week. So when our team missed the entry deadline by four minutes (rendering issues, what else?), I felt we had still accomplished something worthwhile. As a small team, we had produced a short film in a strict timeframe. It gets me excited to continue to work with teams of filmmakers on a larger scale.

Technical Specifications


Canon 5D Mk II

Zeiss SLR Lenses