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Encore is the senior film of my good friend, Kevin Strickland. After he asked Tyler Barnes and I to shoot the project, Kevin had us watch Another Year to see his idea for the visual flavor he wanted. Another Year was shot by Dick Pope with beautifully soft lighting and color. The film follows an entire year of its characters’ lives and is segmented into the four seasons, each of which has a distinct mood in color, saturation, and lighting. These visual moods also support the situations and emotions faced by the characters.

Kevin asked Tyler and I to keep this idea in mind as we were planning and shooting. The stage, the hospital, the house, and the concert hall were our four locations and we tried to give each of them a different mood that enhances the story of the unnamed young woman. We kept the lighting style consistent by always using silks to soften the light. Color and saturation were then the main ways we gave each location its mood, some of which was controlled on set and some which was developed in the color grade. The overall goal of the cinematography was to develop the mood of the story with our lighting and color.

Technical Specifications


Red One (M)

Red Pro Lenses