I’m a developing cinematographer seeking to examine reality through the lens of story.

I love stories. Growing up, I read books all the time. Stories taught me to always seek knowledge and inspiration.

I also love images. I started taking photos when I was twelve. Images taught me to value the details in everyday moments.

I am enthralled with the symbolic power of rich images to tell compelling stories. The more I study and enjoy cinema, the more I love how the medium uses storytelling to create an experience. I believe cinematography is an essential part of shaping that experience because it presents subtle details that give meaning to the immediate elements of a story.

I have a variety of experience capturing motion images, but I strive to always improve my craft. Every project is an opportunity for me to collaborate with other filmmakers and explore new ideas. Through practice and research, my goal is to continually strengthen my understanding and application of cinematography.


Check out my resume, view my IMDb, and send me a good ol’ fashioned email. I’d love to discuss working together.