Technical Specifications 2.39:1 RED EPIC MX Leica R Primes

Double Layer Red Velvet

Double Layer Red Velvet is my senior film project, which I produced, shot, and edited. This project was fun, stressful, and a great collaborative effort. The style and tactic I took to shooting it was born out of this collaboration as well. It began with me asking my friend Elijah Dove if he would be… read more


Encore is the senior film of my good friend, Kevin Strickland. After he asked Tyler Barnes and I to shoot the project, Kevin had us watch Another Year to see his idea for the visual flavor he wanted. Another Year was shot by Dick Pope with beautifully soft lighting and color. The film follows an… read more

Good Morning Charlie

This project is one of my favorites because, based on pre-production, it shouldn’t have turned out so well. The schedule had been rushed and though we met as a crew several times, I felt I didn’t have an precise idea of what the director wanted us to accomplish. However, once we got to set and… read more

Six Vices

This project gave me an appreciation for adapting shooting styles to both the needs of the story and the schedule. Six Vices is essentially two scenes: the dorm and the party. For the first half of the shoot at the dorm, we did plenty of coverage and shot variety since the action centers on the… read more


This short was created for a film festival challenge. The festival gave each team a theme and a passage from which to base their stories. We were allowed ten days of writing and pre-production followed by exactly one week to shoot, edit, and deliver. My friends and I decided to enter because we liked the… read more


The final exercise in a cinematography course was to use visual imagery to tell an original story without dialogue. In thinking of a story, Tyler and I were mindful of storytelling through many visual aspects including lighting, color, composition, action, and cutting. We tried to come up with something that would allow us to have… read more


The second exercise in a cinematography course was to develop a stock script based on a specific genre. We were all given the same dialogue to work with and then chose a genre of film in which to frame the story. My group selected film noir and decided to develop the story and lighting style… read more

The Box

This was the first exercise in a cinematography course: telling a story in five shots while properly exposing Super 8mm film. At this point in the course, we were studying the zone system of exposure and how it is used in calculating exposure and contrast levels. This was also the first time I shot anything… read more